Our advantages :
1. Original manufacturer. The supply is guaranteed.
2. strong technical strength. At present, it is a well-known manufacturer of vibrating knife cutting machines in northern China, with strong strength.
3. Strong customs clearance ability. With 6 years of foreign trade experience, the machine is exported to 135 countries including Europe, America, Oceania and Asia.
4. leading research and development technology. The company has been engaged in technology research and development of the oscillating knife cutting machine for 8 years and has 28 technical patents, which is in the leading position in the industry.
5. The after-sales network is completely. We have after-sales service resident staff and service outlets in 13 different countries, the factory 7*24 hours online to solve the after-sales problems. All agents can come to the factory for free machine operation training.
6. The product is widely used. The product features meet the cutting needs of many industries such as advertising, packaging, clothing, home textiles, leather bags, gaskets, automotive interiors, composite materials, etc.Provide more economical, accurate and efficient choices for big batch production.
Recruitt agent requirements:
1、The cooperation form is flexible and can be used as an agent for free.
2、As long as you have experience in mechanical equipment sales in the local area, you can apply.
What you will get after you becoming our agent:
1. The average minimum return for agents in 1 and 1 year is 60-80 million US dollars.
2. Free trainning in factory or Site training.
3. Continuously updated product technology.
4. Market protection, determine the agent area, the factory will not sell similar products locally.

5. Exhibation support. We can offer the charges according to the scale and effect of exhibition.

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