AOL CNC focuses on the production of digital cutting machine,with more than 10 years of experience. We has a group of top talents with rich experience in development and application digital flatbed cutter. Specializing in the research and pruduct of digital cutting machine.

AOL CNC knife cutte relies on advanced technology and keeps up with the trend of industrial intelligent development in the world. The main products include digital flatbed cutter table, CNC oscillating knife cutting machine, CNC leather cutting machine, car interior cutting machine, automatic fabric cutting machine,  floor mat cutting machine, cardboard cutting machine, composite material cutting machine, gasket cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, etc.

The automatic cutting machine is widely used in clothing, luggage, automotive interiors, fabric, shoes, textiles, advertising, packaging, metal, and other industries.

Advertising Printing
AOL digital cutting machine mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry and provides an intelligent cutting plan that integrates high performance, fast speed and high quality.
Packaging Industry
AOL digital cutting machine for the packaging materials, cutting, drawing, indentation, dashed line, drawing and other processes, instead of traditional carton, display rack and other manual development design and proofing
Seal Industry
AOL sealing industry cutting machine is mainly for automatic cutting of flexible sealing materials, including asbestos-free sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite board, rubber, PTFE and so on.


AD material cutting machine

AOL CNC cutting machine can become a high-quality advertising material cutting machine, a small batch customized CNC cutting machine suitable for the advertising industry.


Comparative advantages of digital knife cutting machine and laser engraving cutt

1. The digital knife cutting machine to drive the blade up and down to achieve cutting. Relies on high-frequency vibration of blade. It is a contact cutting 2. The laser engraving and cutting machine relies on a very high temperature focused light source to achieve cutting, non-contact


Precautions for purchasing a Industrial Cardboard Cutting Machine

You must shop around when buying Industrial Cardboard Cutting Machine, on-site examination rooms, or on-site inspections. Should choose economical, applicable, good quality!


Christmas Eve | AOL

Today is December 24, 2020, Beijing time. This is Christmas Eve. On this day, people all over the world are welcoming Christmas in different ways. On Christmas Eve, well-decorated Christmas trees will be illuminated. In the cultures of some countries and regions, gifts are exchanged and opened on Christmas Eve.