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Home Textile Cutter
High Quality Mattress Fabric Cutting Machine
Features of High Quality Mattress Fabric Cutting Machine​Our production of high quality mattress fabric cutting machine is an intelligent fabric cutting, which device is successfully solved the traditional cutting (hand scissors, electric clippers) high-technology workers cutting costs...
Digital Fabric Cutter
Features of Digital Fabric Cutter The AOL Series digital fabric cutter is a multi-functional digital cutter that meets a variety of needs. The modularized tool head structure enables convenient tool-switching and provides economical future upgrading...
Bedroom Printed Carpet Mat Cutting Machine
Features of Bedroom Printed Carpet Mat Cutting Machine1. The bedroom printed carpet mat cutting machine adopts two tool heads , can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting , flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on...
Printed Fabric Shape Cutting Machine
Features of printed fabric shape cutting machine 1.Multiple tool cutter heads, including vibrating knife, drag knife, pen, roller. 2.leather, cloth, composite materials can achieve perfect cutting results.
Sofa Curtain Carpet Cutting Machine
Features of sofa curtain carpet cutting machine 1.Table length break through the traditional limit,transport and installation is much easier. 2.Full automatical feeding with the function of automatic rectifying voluntarily, reduce labour, increase efficiency.
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