Rubber Slippers Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-03
Features of AOL rubber slippers cutting machine
1.Flexibility: Based on the universal model, free combination cutting tools can be exchange in a quick and easy steps to meet dynamic markets demands. All these make it convenient for the clients.
2.Reliable: Controller can be connected to any computer or laptop. This can free you from computer down problem and guarantee cutting machine work as planned.
3.EMC/EMI (Electromagnetic interference):This guarantee little down time on electrical circuit generated from external source effect.
4.Steady: Integrated welding body, frame and mounting can make the equipment quite steady.  This can guarantee the cutting precision even after a long service time.
5.Feeding and handling system can be made automatically.

6.Multi-function tools: Oscillating cutting tool, driven rotary cutting tool, V-cutting tool, universal cutting tool, drawing tool, all these changes can be performed in a fast and easy way. Different cutting tools for different materials and demands.