Paper Creasing And Die Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-11
This machine is paper creasing and die cutting machine for die cutting and molding, suitable for the manufacturing of colorful cartons, boxes and other package products of abnormal shape.It adopts the double roller pressing and urethane soft template; die cutting speed difference servo makes up the linear velocity automatically, once completing the paperboard and the siding, slotting, punching, creasing and folding of the corrugated paper of medium and small thickness.The machine adopts the vacuum adsorption feeding facility; the main machine adjusts the speed by electromagnetism and the die cutting phase by computer, featuring high precision of die cutting, high speed and convenient operation.

This paper creasing and die cutting machine's creasing and cutting heads are adjustable. Two side gauges are provided for accuracy in cutting and creasing of boards. 

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