Machine also can cut cardboard
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-25

This die cutter is precise and powerful. It can make thin cuts without ripping the material, and even though it's pretty expensive, it's worth the investment. The AOL has 1,250 grams of cutting force and can go up to 800 millimeters per second. Along with just simply making cuts you can make the machine draw something for you with a pen. There's also an embossing tool that works on paper, cardstock, chipboard and even soft metals. The engraving tool punches holes and distresses a variety of mediums including plastic, metal, glass, soap and even leather. The engraving tool has a diamond tip, which means you can cut precisely and for a long time.It is easy to use. It also syncs with apps, including with Make The Cut. The machine is rather cumbersome and large though, so it's not very portable. That aside, you can cut almost any material with this die cutter.

Machine also can cut cardboard