Leather Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-28
We are the producer to offer a Complete range of Products specially designed for the Leather, the general and the Graphic Industry sectors as well. Our goal is to help our customers to perform their job quickly and with higher profits… in other words Better!

Featuers of leather cutting equipment
Simplicity of Design
1. We design with a minimum number of moving parts because moving parts tend to wear out over time;
2. Direct drive motors with rack and pinion provide for easy maintenance and maximum effectiveness;
3. Our smooth cutting motion reduces stress on a machine. Compare us to the competition. You can see and hear the difference!

Easy Maintenance
1. Wherever possible, we avoid components that need lubrication, in favor of rugged, low-wear alternatives.
2. Our designs are simple enough for you to service and maintain yourself. It usually doesn’t take a technician to service the system.

3. With standard maintenance, you can expect years of trouble-free use.

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