Fiber Cloth Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-30
AOL fiber cloth cutting equipment is easy to operate; it can cut carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, leather and other soft composite materials automatically with high speed, by inputting the patterns, without making sampling, drawing line and cutting dies. This system is equipped with five cutting tools, each can be changed quickly. With AOL powerful automatic nesting system to reduce the space between patterns, improve the material utilization and save costs.
1) Incomparable cutting speed, high repeatability and cutting precision.

2) Powerful nesting system can save material greatly to enhance the production efficiency.

3) Five cutting Tools (Pen, Rotary knife, Tangent knife, Punching knife and Notch knife), can fulfill to cut different materials by adjusting the knives quickly.

4) Flexible adsorption functions by adsorbing different areas to improve the vacuum adsorbing ability.

5) Powerful flexible cutting heads can cut different materials to ensure the cutting precision, and meet the customers’special requirements.

6) This equipment is easy to operate, more humanized and intelligent.

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