EVA cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-13
AOL CNC knife cutting machine is a new solution for cutting EVA, EPE, PVC foam and other similar foam materials.
It cuts with high speed, great precision, best flexibility and free of pollution.
This machine cuts without die, it recognizes electronic patterns from compueter, any shapes, any design can become a product in seconds.
Dieless cutting supply the maximum flexibility to help you match every customized requests, saving cost, space for thousands of dies. Especially for small amount, cost of dies is always the problem, but using our machine, one piece can be your MOQ without any exact cost. 
It will also help fast delivery time while there's no need for making dies.
As this machine cuts by knife, without burning, edge is clean and smooth, free workers from the damage of bad smoke and smell.
Our machine cuts foams from 0.1mm to 110mm. More thicknesses, please contact to confirm.

It is easy to operate, one inexperience person can learn it within one day.

eva cutting machine