Corrugated box rotary die cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-27
Use and characteristics:
Die cutter phase is adjusted by computer and electric digital control In a scope of 360°,
Die Cutter horizontal movement is adjusted by computer and electric digital control of a scope of ± 5mm.
Uniflair glue die cutting cushion roller servo traces simultaneously, when the restored roller is input inside the serveo computer system, it will calculate accurately and automatically and follow the printing speed to ensure the velocity of blade line the same as the cushion roller and make the formation of the die cutting beautiful and same in size. No matter how the diameter of the cushion changes, the die cutting plate will not be damaged. The upper and lower roller of the die cutting adopts the design of different sizes.
The servo system ensures the automatic deviation of the cushion and cutting die for every circle, which greatly lengthen the service life of the cushion; in addition, the renovated cushion can be used for many times and greatly reduce the cost.
The cushion roller's mechanical, horizontal and cam facility moves horizontally in a scope of ± 35mm to lengthen the Using life of the die cutting cushion.
The light alloy aluminium back-kick vacuum adsorption feeding system with several groups of rolling bearing to ensure stable running.

Left and right baffle and back baffle positions are under the computer and electric and digital control as the side baffle is equipped with pneumatic trimming facilities.

Corrugated box