CNC Auto Cutting Plotter
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-12

Industry knowledge of CNC cardboard cutting plotter:

Cardboard usually made of various plant fibers, or non-plant fibers, and made by paperboard machine. Some special paperboards are also blended with animal fibers such as wool or mineral fibers such as asbestos.
According to the use, it can be divided into several categories:
(1) Cardboard for packaging, such as box board, kraft box board, yellow board, white board, impregnated liner board, etc.
(2) Paperboard for industrial technology, such as electrical insulating paperboard, asphalt waterproof cardboard, etc.
(3) Construction paperboard, such as linoleum paper, sound insulation board, fireproof board, gypsum board, etc.
(4) Paperboard for printing and decoration, such as type paperboard, cover paperboard, etc.

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