Carton box cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-27
Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine For Making Special Shape Cartons, Corrugated Cardboard Die-cutter Creaser Machinery
 I. General introduction
Rotary diecutter is used for corrugated cardboard die-cutting after printing. Different products need different sizes, shapes of cartons. For the special shape cartons like pizza box, fruit packages may need holes or handle or bottom locking and different sizes, these requirements will need the rotary diecutting machine to do. 
Make wooden die as per customer cartons requirements, then install on the die cutting roller to cut the sheets into needed shapes, and crease lines at the same time, after that, can fold the sheets into cartons for packing.
II. Machine configuration
1. Adopt the automatic lead edge paper feeding system, higher precision in feeding,higher speed, longer feeding lifetime can reach 10000pcs/h, precision is ±0.5mm.
2. It is adjustable to satisfy the paper feeding air volume.The front baffle is manual adjusted, the side baffles are electrical adjusted.
3. It has the rubber groove on the paper guiding rollers, avoid the damage of paper, increased the accuracy of feeding. The electrical adjustment of back baffle has the digital facility function, adjust exactly and conveniently. 
4. The die roller is made from high quality steel,balancing correction and hard chrome plating,the thickness is 30mm.The wallboard is made from quality cast iron in large processing center production, thickness is 50mm.The automatic grinding mechanism of soft rollers improve the usage of glue sheath and can grind 3 or 4 times.
5. Adopt Taiwan Maxdura anvil blanket, can die cut 10 million times.
6. Mechanical left or right movement of soft rollers about 40mm, can make the abrasion of blanket average.
7. It will prolong the using time with 6 levels grinding gears, lower noise.
8. The die roller adopts air cylinder type automatic separation device,reducing the abrasion of the glue sleeve.
9. It’s convenient to operate with the touch screen which is man-machine conversation. 
10. The main engine adjusts the speed with frequency control,improving speed steadily. The complete control system combined with light,electricity and air.
11. The max. die cutting size is 1750*1300mm.
12. The min. die cutting size is 320*500mm.
13. Motor power is 7.5kw, draught fan power is 7.5kw,weight is about 5.5T.