Carbon Fiber Felt Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-12
How to choose the right carbon fiber felt cutting machine ?
There are many carbon fiber felt cutting machines in the market at present,many users don't know how to choose it when they buy it,here are some tips for buying a few carbon fiber felt cutting machine for your reference:

1. Cutting speed: After meet the demand of fiberglass cutting precision then we can talk about with the cutting speed, AOL carbon fiber felt cutting machine adopt Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver, provide optimum cutting performance and fast, accurate results.
2. Saving consumption: Our fiberglass oscillation cutting machine with fast cutting speed anf high cutting precision,save time,save labor and save cost.machine cutting with knife blade,no burn no smoke is good to the environment protection .
3. More safe for operation: Equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator
Carbon Fiber Felt
4. Automatic feeding system: With the function of automatically correcting the feeding accuracy, the entire roll of filter cloth can be continuously cut.

5. Feeding belts: The automatic feeding platform breaks the limit of the length of the machine facing the cutting fabric and realizes the ultra-wide cutting of the fabric.

6. Automatic marker software: Intelligent marker software, fast cutting material typesetting for cutting graphics.

7. Vacuum Adsorption Platform: Utilizing a honeycombed honeycomb platform, the suction force of the suction fan on the fabric is increased, and the material is firmly fixed on the platform.

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