Car Bead Pad Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-10
Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd produces and sells oscillating knife cutter for many years. And AOL car bead pad cutting machine adopts cutting crawler working platform, matching the automatic feeding system which can realize the continuous feeding process of precision cutting. Since the long type design and complex patterns, AOL car bead pad cutting machine don’t need the die cutting. It can cut the cloth, fabric or other materials automatically into any shape according to the file drawn by the computer.

Applicable materials: leather, cloth, wool, flexible materials, synthetic materials, suitable for mats, four season mats, sandwich multi-layer mats, etc. Cars, large mats, wire mats, plush carpets, imported thick EVA Rubber floor carpet, latex foot pad, PVC foot pad, TPE rubber foot pad, imitation leather, leather, composite cotton, seat cover cutting.

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