Automatic Leather Knife Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-19
Traditional technology for leather processing mostly adopts cutting, embossing, and embroidery machines, which operate at slow speeds and have a high manpower cost with sometimes less than high-quality results. As a consequence, this fundamentally restricts the development of the leather industry.

In recent years, because of the wide application and popularization of cutting machine, automatic leather knife cutting machine use also rose at this time. High-energy, high-power cutting machine can process leather rapidly, efficiently, and continuously. Automatic leather knife cutting machine employ digital and automatic technology, which provides the capability to hollow out, engrave, and cut in the leather industry.

The automatic leather knife cutting machine by AOL CNC (jinan, shandong, China) that provides non-contact, high-speed, and high-precision processing that does not damage the surface of leather and cuts without edge burning. Leather manufacturers favor this machine because it is the best choice for leather production and processing.

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