AOL's family, we are back to work!
PUBLISHED : 2019-02-14
AOL's family, we are back to work!
The New Year is over, everyone's new year's work is also on the agenda. During the Spring Festival, we enjoy family fun together with our family and welcome the New Year in the sound of firecrackers.
After the New Year is over, we have grown up again. We are constantly working hard for our dreams. Take AOL, our dream is to become the leader of the global cutting machine industry. In order to realize it, we are constantly working hard. Struggling hard, in the ten years of AOL development, we gradually transformed from laser cutting machine to intelligent blade cutting machine, making the cutting system more environmentally friendly, precise and fast.
AOL is currently focusing on flexible material cutting, but we will not give up the development and production of laser cutting machines, and retain laser marking machines, 3D crystal engraving machines and other products to make products more diversified, in order to meet customer requirements. We are constantly working hard.

After the end of the new year, the work in 2019 has begun, let us maintain a good attitude and face tomorrow together!

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