AOL family birthday party!
PUBLISHED : 2018-10-30

AOL family birthday party

At four o'clock yesterday afternoon, in the music of Happy Birthday Song, AOL everyone put down their work and held a grand birthday party for the family who had recently celebrated their birthday.

In order to hold this birthday party, the family members of the Human Resources Administration Department carefully prepared for several days, not only carefully arranged the venue with balloons, but also prepared delicious fruits, delicious drinks, and champagne to create an atmosphere. Any small details reflect the care and seriousness of AOL people. For us, AOL is not only a company, but also a big family. Employees are not only employees, but also our most loved family.

In this birthday party, we also prepared a fun game of grabbing the chair, so that the family can enjoy the fun while exercising the body, happy and healthy, hahaha! Let the audience reach the climax of the show. The Ministry of Internal Trade’s Cheng Yunlin’s shouting wheat drove the whole audience. The “Foreigners” brought by Hao Wenzheng of the Ministry of Foreign Trade gave everyone who worked outside the same place, the Ministry of Internal Trade. Kang’s supervisor, “Suddenly old,” let us all sigh that time has passed so fast.

Although this birthday party is not particularly perfect, I still want to thank the Human Resources Administration Department for his careful planning. Finally, I would like to congratulate my friends again on this birthday! In the big family of AOL! We are very proud! If you have any questions about the cutting machine program, you are welcome to come to the consultation, careful and serious AOL people will never let you down!