AOL CNC started the conference in January 2019
PUBLISHED : 2019-01-07

AOL CNC started the conference in January 2019 and the commendation conference in December 2018

At 3 pm on Friday, January 5, 2019, Beijing time, all employees of Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. held the January 2019 kick-off meeting and the December 2018 commendation meeting.

It ended in 2018, although it has already begun in 2019, but don't forget that we also promised a pk promise at the launch conference in December 2018, punishing a variety of people, drinking lemon juice, and drinking vinegar. One of the most memorable things is the commitment of the domestic trade department and the foreign trade department pk, that is, losing one party to win the party with dumplings. With this opportunity, it is a new year. At the end of the meeting, all AOL CNC employees participated in this. In the action of sub-package dumplings, the general manager also prepared the drinks for us. Everyone in the laughter and laughter tasted the dumplings that included everyone's warmth. I think this is something that many non-hometown employees can appreciate. We are not only one. As a manufacturer of flexible material cutting machines, our AOL is always a family!

The end of 2018, we have new goals in 2019, the company has a new goal, I hope that the new year will let us all work together and go hand in hand!