Packaging Carton Foam Cutting Machine
1.Our machine design engineers have specified heavy duty precision fabricated and machined structures combined. 2.With twin hardened and ground linear bearings in all axes, powerful digital drives and precision transmissions.
PVC Composite Sponge Material Cutter
1. Accurate cutting ensures a high accurate re-load position and convenient man operation work. 2. Linear bearing system in moving and feeding device ensures the accurate the machine running and cutting, and stable performance.
KT Board Corrugated Board Cutting Machine
1.The KT board corrugated board cutting machine adopts two tool heads , can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting,flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on. You can perform complex processing technology proofing.
Sound Insulation Cotton Material Cutter
1.Table length break through the traditional limit,transport and installation is much easier. 2.Full automatical feeding with the function of automatic rectifying voluntarily, reduce labour, increase efficiency. 3.The rack is welded with high stability.
Mini Metal Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
1.AOL mini metal laser cutting engraving machine, able to engrave various non-metals, like paper, acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, etc. 2.Widely applied in craft gifts, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries.
Fiber Laser Cutter And Engraver
1) High cutting efficiency, high cost performance. 2) Low running cost and free optical path maintenance. 3) Small occupation, compact integration.
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
1) The sheet metal laser cutting machine adopts double ball screw closed-loop system which enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting. 2) Standard collocation of America IPG 1000W fiber laser generator YLS-1000, realizes low operation and maintenance cost and maximum longer-term investment returns and profits.
Metal Parts Laser Marking Machine
Laser marking machine belongs to the third generation system of laser technology . Adopting co2 laser output the laser ,then using ultra high-speed scanning galvanometer system to marking. The critical component use long lifetime stable device.