Yoga mat vibrating knife cutting machines
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-08
1.Fast: Max. cutting speed: 1200mm/s
Smooth and clean cutting edge
Free from fire accident
Material saving and Energy saving
Compatible :Our cutting machines support any design software which can output files in DXF or PLT format,such as AutoCad, Coreldraw, AI, etc.
Powerful vacuum system: Machine surface can be divided into many small vacuum sections. You can activate any sections according to your needs.
It can cut grey board, corrugated paper, honeycomb board, chipboard fiber board and KT board, cloth, fabric, Car mats, foam and composites materials(glass fiber, carbon fiber).

Compared with traditional handmade cutting, this cutting machine is 3-6 times faster. It can replace 6-9 workers and save significant labour cost. There are usually two kinds of shoes making cutting machine,namely sample cutting machine and cardboard cutting machine. Common application: multi-layer synthetic material cutting,mesh fabric cutting,multi-layer PU cutting,no overcut notch on genuine leather,hollows on sandals,punching on leather,etc.