Toy Fabric Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-13
Why choose our machine?
This is a cnc machine, means its cutting deponds on the electronic patterns, without making dies, it will help you save a lot of cost and time.
With its automatic nesting software, the utilization can be highly improved.
We use blade instead of laser, so cutting edge can stay clean and smooth, free pollution and safty risk. Supply a eco-friendly working environment.

Cutting materials of toy fabric cutting equipment
Car mats, foam compound, XPE, EVA, fabric carpet, imitation leather, leather, cloth, plush toys, shoe lining, presoaked material, glass fiber, carbon fiber, rubber gasket, Graphite seals etc.

Application of toy fabric cutting equipment
Home textile, Automotive interior, Composite materials, Seal gasket, Sporting goods, Sofa fabric etc.

We have focus on this knife cut machine for years, with our own-tech of this machine, with years' accumulation and improvement, with our rich-experience technicians, every machine we supplied has great quality, even after years service time, you can count upon its steay cutting performance.
Choosing our machine will never let you down.
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