Today is one of China’s 24 solar terms - the Waking of Insects
PUBLISHED : 2019-03-06
Today is one of China’s 24 solar terms - the Waking of Insects
The Waking of Insects is characterized by rising temperatures and increased rain. Except for the winter scenes in the northeast and northwest regions, the average temperature in most parts of China has risen above 0 °C. The average daily temperature in North China is 3-6 °C, and the area along the Yangtze River is 8 °C or more. And South China has reached 10-15 ° C, already a party of spring.

"Spring thunder and worms", warm climatic conditions are conducive to the occurrence and spread of a variety of pests and diseases, field weeds have also sprouted, and timely pest control and cultivating and weeding. "Peach blossoms, pigs come", the epidemic prevention of poultry and livestock should also be taken seriously. At this time, the temperature has risen rapidly, and most of the Yangtze River Basin has gradually become a spring thunder. In most parts of southern China, all year round rain and horror can also smell the beginning of spring thunder. In addition to individual years in northwestern China, it is generally necessary to go to Qingming to have thunder, which is the latest area where thunderstorms begin in most parts of southern China.