The China and the US trade war is over and the future will be mutually beneficia
PUBLISHED : 2018-12-03

The China and the US trade war is over and the future will be mutually beneficial and win-win!

On the evening of December 1, local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said to the Chinese and foreign media about the first meeting of the Chinese and US media that the discussions between the two heads of state on economic and trade issues were very positive and constructive. The two sides have reached a consensus to stop adding new tariffs to each other. The two sides proposed a series of constructive plans on how to properly resolve existing differences and problems. The two sides agreed to open up the market to each other and gradually resolve the legitimate concerns of the US in the process of advancing a new round of reform and opening up in China. The working teams of the two sides will, in accordance with the principled consensus reached by the two heads of state, step in the direction of canceling all tariff increases, intensify consultations, and reach a concrete agreement on mutual benefit and win-win as soon as possible.

Both sides believe that the above-mentioned principled consensus is of great significance, not only effectively preventing the further expansion of economic and trade frictions, but also opening up new prospects for mutual cooperation and win-win; it is not only conducive to the respective development of China and the United States and the well-being of the people, but also beneficial to the world. The steady growth of the economy is in the interest of all countries. Facts have proved that the common interests between China and the United States are greater than differences, and the need for cooperation is greater than friction. As long as the two sides adhere to the spirit of mutual respect, take care of each other's concerns, and engage in serious dialogue with an equal attitude, we can find a solution to the problem of cooperation and win-win.

The consensus reached between China and the United States is a major turning point. It is conducive to China and the United States moving side by side in the great wave of the world economy to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. AOL CNC sincerely hopes that China and the United States can work together to develop and realize the economies of all countries. Development, and then promote the development of the world economy! AOL CNC is a well-known brand of intelligent blade cutting machine and vibrating knife cutting machine. It complies with the tariff trade policy and goes hand in hand with the world economy!

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