The origin and customs of the Double Ninth Festival.
PUBLISHED : 2018-10-17
Today is Wednesday, October 17, 2018. It is a traditional Chinese festival - the Double Ninth Festival.
On September 9th, the lunar calendar is the traditional Double Ninth Festival. Because the ancient "Book of Changes" set the "six" as the negative number, the "nine" as the positive number, the September 9th, the sun and the moon and the yang, the two nine are heavy, so it is called Chongyang, also called the heavy nine. The ancients thought it was a geeful day worth celebrating, and they started this festival very early.
Jiujiu Chongyang, because it is the same as “long time”, nine is the largest number in the number, and has the meaning of longevity and longevity. Moreover, autumn is also the golden season of harvest in the year. The festival of Chongyang is profound, and people have a special history for this festival. Feelings, there are many poems in the Tang poetry and Song poetry.

Today's Chongyang Festival has been given a new meaning. In 1989, China set the September 9th of each year as the Old Man's Day. The tradition and modernity are skillfully combined to become the elderly who respect the old, respect the old, love the old and help the elderly. Festival. All the organs, groups, and streets in the country often organize old people to retreat from their jobs at this time to enjoy the scenery, or to play in the water, or to climb the body, so that both body and mind are bathed in the embrace of nature; The younger generation of the family will also support the elderly elders to go out to the countryside or prepare some delicious food for the elderly.

The custom of climbing the Double Ninth Festival has a long history. According to the existing literature, as early as in the Warring States Period, the folks had the custom of ascending and drinking chrysanthemum wine. The activities of the Double Ninth Festival are rich and varied, generally including excursions, climbing, viewing chrysanthemums, plucking lychee, eating Chongyang cake, drinking chrysanthemum wine, etc. Ancient folks have the custom of ascending in the Double Ninth Festival, so the Double Ninth Festival is also called the Ascend Festival. The practice of climbing the temple in Chongyang originated from the worship of the mountains by the ancients. The custom of “climbing and blessing” has been popular in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Ascending the "Ciqing" is derived from the solar terms in nature, and the "Chen Qing" of the Chongyang Festival mountaineering corresponds to the ancient people's "Spring" in the spring of March. There is no uniform regulation for the location of the ascendant, generally it is to climb the mountain and climb the tower. On this day, all localities must organize elderly people to climb the autumn tour, exchange feelings and exercise. The younger generations of many families will also help the elderly elders to go out to the countryside. In the golden autumn of September, the sky is high and the air is high. This season, ascending to the future, you can achieve the purpose of being relaxed and healthy.

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