PVC Board Flatbed Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-08-02
Feature of PVC board flatbed cutter:

1. Multi-functional digital  sample cutting plotter that can be quickly changed to adapt to different materials.

2. It has an IC control system that offers high-performance and convenient Ethernet with high speed.

3. The DEK  Series  digital  sample cutting plotter has an English and Chinese LCD touch screen panel and a massive storage volume system.

4. The AOL PVC board flatbed cutter has the functions of making dotted lines, partial and whole disconnections, perfect backfins, laser positioning and accurate plotting.

AOL PVC board flatbed cutter has high precision, especially for cutting shapes like small circle. This Flatbed Cutter has an integrated cable layout and single head guard. AOL PVC board flatbed cutter can be used to cut all kinds of sheets like corrugated, paperboard, honeycomb board, plastics including KT Board, PVC expansion sheet, solid PVC Board, acrylic etc.

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