PTFE Coated Gasket Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-29
Features of PTFE Coated Gasket Cutting Equipment:
1.Computer controlled cutting of gasket materials straight from the CAD-system: production of items from single pieces to small batch production
2.always the same precision, without expensive die mould, no need lost time due to preparation of the die mould.
3.cutting table with integrated vacuum system,gasket material is securely fixed during processing due to equip with adjustable matrix-vacuum zones
4.gasket material :non asbestos rubberized PTFE copper teflon graphite wire insert joint sheet Stainless Steel Mesh inside

After-sales service:
One year free maintenance: free accessories, free Labor costs, but if technicians need to come to demand side, demand side is responsible for room, food and round-trip airplane fee, visa application fee. Demand side is responsible for non-quality factors accessories Loss.

CNC Gasket Cutter For PTFE sheet gasket production any size any shapes cutting machine.
PTFE can be manufactured to fit most soft cut gasket materials in all thicknesses and diameters, where the recovery of the protected gasket / composite gasket compensates for the minimal creep associated with the thin wall section of the envelope.
AOL CNC gasket cutter with oscillating cutting knife, perfect to  cut  PTFE gasket, make short run production of PTFE gasket.
PTFE Coated Gasket