PPT Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-08
Features of ppt cutting machine
1. AOL ppt cutting machine are specially designed for soft material cutting.The machines are widely used in fabric,garment, leather,clothing, apparel,textile and footwear areas.The cutting plotter with oscillating knife blade, not by laser. So it causes no burning to the materials. No smell.
2) Intelligent table surface error compensation: Select high-precision measuring instruments to accurately compensate the cutting accuracy of each point.
3) Optional function: multi-head double gantry, double the efficiency.
4) Continuous cutting system: intelligent material discharge, continuous cutting, and optional receiving table.
5) Tool quick change module: simple and efficient tool holder quick change system, making operation easier and convenient

6) Partition adsorption function: Intelligent partition tracking adsorption system, local suction is greatly increased.