Oscillating Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-10-08

Advantages of AOL New CNC Oscillating Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine:

1. New CNC oscillating vibrating knife cutting machine can cut and engrave leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, sponge composite leather, PVC.

2. Double tool head, one head fixed, another one 45 degree rotation, cutting materials more flexibly.

3. Strip adsorption table, air cylinder, can adsorb different size materials.
composite leather
4. Auto feeding system,auto fix roll materials and auto feeding high feeding accurately.

5. Helical rack gear transmission,which can ensure faster speed,higher efficiency, stronger power,and it makes the machine more stable.

AOL oscillating Vibrating Knife Cutting Machinee, adopt knife blade cutting technology, our digital oscillation cutter machine has no burning and totally environmental protection.You can cut any pattern, any size, any style by this machine, also the machine size can customized by your request.

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