National differences in Thanksgiving.
PUBLISHED : 2018-11-22
Regional differences in Thanksgiving
Americans: reunion, carnival, shopping, eating
In the United States, like the Chinese New Year, on the day of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving party
Thanksgiving party
No matter how busy people are, they must reunite with their families and enjoy a hearty holiday dinner together.
The Thanksgiving holiday is also the most stressful time for American airlines. The plane is almost full of classes, and there are often cases where the flight is delayed. People may be willing to share a holiday with their families.
Every Thanksgiving, every household in the United States eats turkey. Turkey has become a symbol of Thanksgiving. They usually also eat traditional dishes such as zucchini, creamy onions, mashed potatoes, and papaya pie.
Americans are also used to calling Friday, the second day of Thanksgiving, "Black Friday." On this day, various stores in the United States will sell discounted goods, which has intensified in recent years. Some merchants even advanced the discount day to the day of Thanksgiving, which has set off a shopping spree in the United States every year. Canadians: Festivals of Unrelated Religions
Thanksgiving Day in Canada and the United States is not on the same day. Because of its high latitude and early maturity of grain, it is different from Americans who remember the tradition of the Puritan ancestors who settled in the New World. Canadians mainly thank God for the successful harvest. Thanksgiving Day is mainly for the harvest, thanks to nature, thanks to the rich sunshine and nectar of the gods, the grain grows as a grateful theme, and there is no religious color. Therefore, Canada’s Thanksgiving is earlier than the United States, and the celebration is The second Monday of October.
Canadians also come together to have a family, and the roast turkey and pumpkin pie is the most classic Thanksgiving scene. The traditional roast turkey is stuffed with bread, diced, celery and sage, and placed in the oven for baking. The average housewife likes to buy a big turkey, because if the day is not enough, the skill can be changed into a turkey pie, a turkey pie. As for the pumpkin pie, the most traditional way to eat in Canada is to pour the rich cranberry sauce, and the pumpkin pie is careful to make the canned pumpkins smoother than the fresh ones.

Egyptian: pretending to cry for corn

The harvest festival in ancient Egypt was held to commemorate their crop gods. Their harvest season is spring, so this festival is held every spring. During the festival, the ancient Egyptians first staged a parade, and later it was a holiday banquet. At the same time, music, dance, sports and so on are also their celebrations.
When the ancient Egyptians celebrated the harvest of corn, they often pretended to cry and grieve, in order to deceive the "spirit" they thought existed in the corn. They feared that the corn that was still growing after harvest would make this "spirit" angry.
Jews: Building a banquet to hold a banquet under the stars
The Jews also want to celebrate the harvest, and their festival is called the "knot festival", which is the Jewish harvest festival. The "Gouting Festival" held every autumn has a history of more than 3,000 years. The "Gouting Festival" begins in the Hebrew calendar and mentions the city of Li Yue, the 15th day of the Jewish calendar in July, the fifth day after the Jewish Day of Atonement.
During the eight-day festival, the Jews used the branches to set up the hut to recall the altars of their ancestors. These cottages are temporary, the branches are not inserted underground, and the roof is covered with thatch for light access. Fruits and vegetables are hanging from the house, including apples, grapes, corn and pomegranates. On the second day of the festival, the Jews held their holiday banquet in the cabin under the stars.
Greek: cake fruit dedicated to the goddess of agriculture
The ancient Greeks believed in many gods. One of them was the goddess of agriculture, marriage, and fertility called Demeter. The Greeks held the "Thesmosphoria" festival every autumn to commemorate the goddess. On the first day of the festival, married women set up a lodge covered with leaves, and placed benches made of plants. The next day is the fasting day, the third day is a banquet, and the goddess is presented as a gift with corn seeds, cakes, fruits and pigs.
European countries such as Britain and France: insulated from Thanksgiving

Insulation of Thanksgiving in Europe, France, Britain and other countries. The British are just Thanksgiving, the only important holiday for them is Christmas. Europeans don't have the experience of the American continent. There is no need to thank the Indians on another continent, so they don't have Thanksgiving. Because this festival has a deep history of American history and involves religion at the time. Many people think that Thanksgiving Day is a festival that has been circulated in Europe and the United States. In fact, this is wrong. Generally speaking, it is a very rude behavior to congratulate the Europeans on Thanksgiving Day and it is likely to be repugnant.

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