Logo Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-09
Industry knowledge of logo cutting machine
1. Logo design should focus on simplicity and contagiousness.
No matter what method you use to design the logo, you should be careful. The image is clear, eye-catching, and easy to identify, understand and remember.
2. Pay attention to beautiful and refined, in line with aesthetic principles, which is also an indispensable condition for a successful logo.
The beauty of the shape is the unique feature of the logo and the artistic characteristics of the pursuit. The design should grasp the word ""beauty"", so that the form of the symbol conforms to the common perception of human beings to the beauty; it should pay attention to the modeling elements of the four major categories of logo design: point, line, face and body. In the application of the formal law, it can constitute the aesthetics of the structure independent of various concrete things.
3. To maintain stability and consistency

4. Logo design should pay attention to versatility