Light snow is coming, the day is getting colder.
PUBLISHED : 2018-11-22

Light snow is coming, the day is getting colder.

Light snow is the 20th in the 24th solar terms. On November 22 or 23, the sun reaches 240° of the Yellow River, which is called the Little Snow Festival. At this time, the sun is located at latitude -20°16', this day the Beijing area is only 9 hours and 49 minutes, noon too

Entering the solar terms, the northwest winds in China's vast areas began to become frequent visitors. The temperature dropped and gradually dropped below 0 °C, but the land was not too cold. Although snow began to fall, the amount of snow was not large, so it was called Light snow. At this time, the yin gas drops, the yang rises, and the heavens and the earth are unreasonable. The yin and yang do not pay, all things lose their vitality, and the heavens and the earth occlude and turn into the harsh winter. Early snow will appear in the area north of the Yellow River, reminding people to keep warm.

Climatic characteristics

The light snow stage is cooler than the winter. To the light snow festival, it means that there will be snowfall in North China. The cold air gradually makes the temperature in most parts of northern China reach below 0 °C.

The average initial snow period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is basically consistent with the Light snow Festival. Although it starts to snow, the amount of snow is generally small, and the night is frozen. If the cold air is strong and the warm and humid air is more active, it is also possible to make heavy snow; the northern part of the southern region begins to enter the winter. It has been in the early winter.

Farming activities

1. Storage of vegetables 2. Farming and sideline industry 3. Fish ponds overwintering

During this period, we must also prepare and manage the wintering of fish ponds, and manage the wintering fish ponds, which is the key to improving the survival rate of fish in winter. Prepare the large-scale livestock winter feed in advance to ensure the survival of the animals over the winter.

In northern China, during the snowy season, people generally eat mutton. In the general light snow festival, the weather is cold and dark, and the light is less, which may cause or aggravate depression. The warm-up foods that should be eaten this season include mutton, beef, chicken, etc.; Yishen foods that should be eaten include cashew nuts, medlar, yam, chestnuts, ginkgo, walnuts, etc.

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