Leather Seat Cover Ply Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-08-13
Material information for the leather seat cover ply cutter of textiles:
Textiles can also exist both of natural and of synthetical materials. Typical textiles for cutting by knife are fabrics, knitted fabrics, meshworks, sew fabrics, non-woven fabric and felts. Their main components are fibres which are characterised by a high flexibility and suppleness. Textile products will be used for various purposes. Typical application fields are clothing industry, home textiles, medical technology or decorative fabrics, such as advertising banner and flags. Textiles for industrial use will usually be indicated as technical textiles. Typical examples for the usage of knife technology for cutting in this area are filters, upholstery, heat protection fabrics, textile components in the automotive industry or sails.
Leather Seat Cover