Knife Cloth Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-04
In applications where a single cloth cutting machine needs to perform several tasks, the AOL-2125ZS10 is used. It is a straight knife, known for versatility in its function. The low profile, polished, streamlined baseplate in the machine is perfect for reducing friction and distortion in the lay, irrespective of the number of plies. Durability and long service life is ensured with superior quality materials used to construct the machine.
Our New-Tech high speed straight knife fabric cutting machine is similar to a popular model by AOL, at significant savings but without skimping on quality. It is perfect for slicing through many layers of difficult materials, from slippery, thin fabrics (ones that traditionally distort or move in the process) to the thickest materials (such as synthetic materials and ropes). This product has an automatic, built-in blade sharpener that keeps your machine as sharp as the day you bought it. It is solid enough to last a long time but extremely easy to operate because it rolls on a base so you're not carrying it in order to cut fabric.

Widely used in the following areas including clothing, leather goods, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, blankets, carpets, arts and crafts, gifts, furniture, sofa, umbrella, industry, hat industry.

Cutting Video: