Features Of Gasket Cut Plotter
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-18
Features of gasket cut plotter:
1. There have gasket cut plotter used in gasket maker or factory. Digital control system of “PLC + coder” human-machine interface is adopted to realize automatic feeding, pattern arrangement and cutting. Many kinds of arrangement figures are optional for automatically setting cutting times with high precision. The gasket cut plotter positioning precision can reach 0.1mm so as to save materials, enhance work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

2. PLC program control center is provided with memory function for the settings of operation instructions, which are not influenced in case of power failure or power-cut after work, so as to facilitate operation for the next time.

CNC Gasket Cutting Machine

CNC Gasket Cutting Machine

3. The gasket cut plotter cutting head can carry out automatic transverse movement and automatic positioning. The die cutter  is fixed by electromagnetic suction disc. Without the need of setting die cutters, the upper and lower die cutters can carry out cutting freely with convenient operation.

4. The automatic lubricating system ensures machine precision and prolongs service life.

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