Flatbed Plotter Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-11
The AOL flatbed plotter cutter including software is ideal for the production of small and medium-sized series productions and design samples.
Using offline USB operation, even the most novice user is set to operate directly from the machine - without the use of a computer.  USB operation enables operators of all skill levels to process various types of media for cutting.  Having a designer create the plot file, it can be passed to users of any experience level to produce.  Cutting data is automatically selected from USB flash memory by scanning the generated barcode printed on the media to preform contour cutting. This reduces the potential for mistakes by the operator.

Ons to ensure precise cutting.  AOL flatbed plotter cutter is packed with high productivity features such as AOL Copy, One Point Compensation, Scan Start Position, and Expanded Cutting Area capability.