Fiberglass Cloth Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-02
The fiberglass cloth cutting machine is designed to offer superior operation for both single and low-ply cutting. It comes with the ability to convey rolled materials continuously while maintaining consistency in control and speed.

The advantages of fiberglass cloth cutting machine:
First, a more secure cutting method: Fiberglass cloth cutting machine can automatically lock the edge, which is a safer and more efficient cutting method, especially in the cutting of fiberglass cloth.

Second, high-precision cutting: filter materials require more and more detailed pores, especially in the micro-hole processing, the traditional way is difficult to reach the established requirements. The laser can cut various patterns for the filter cloth.

Third, the cutting cost of the filter cloth is reduced: through fiberglass cloth cutting machine cutting of the filter cloth, the use of automated processing reduces the number of production processes, one forming, satisfies the requirements of the cutting, drilling, trimming of the filter cloth, and reduces the production cost.

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Fiberglass Cloth