Fabric Pattern Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-10
There are many solutions to cut clothes,such as knife cutting machine,laser cutting machine, die cutting machine, end cutting machine,multi-layers cutting machine,etc. Among it, the knife cutting method is ideal to keep balance among pollution free, no smelly work environment,  boosting production capacity,saving labour cost and cost effective. 
This digital cutting machine work with your computer by Ethernet cable, you can send any design shape to this cutter  for cutting purpose.
AOL series high speed cutting machine could meet the require for common cutting accuracy. It employs import synchronous belt for power driving, and work under high speed, convenience use, compatible with many kinds software.It is greatly welcomed by customers and widely applied for high accuracy cutting or plotting. AOL1625 series mainly used in fabric,textile&apparel industries,such as canvas,woven,knit,sponge,etc.