EPE Foam Board Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-28
Our EPE foam board Cutting equipment comes fully assembled and tested on an open machine table in a solid steel construction.

Our EPE foam board Cutting equipment stands for quality ""Made in Germany"". Each machine is hand-assembled, adjusted and extensively tested befor delivery to ensure that all machines will work smoothly and best performance.

EPE foam board

The optional rotating table will add a vertical rotary axis to the four cutting axes of the Styrofoam cutting machine. This axis is also computer controlled, which allows the machine to magically create symmetrical objects such as vases or eggs and hemispheres as well as asymmetrical objects like mugs and props.

The setup of the EPE foam board Cutting equipment can be optimized so that the monitor screen, keyboard and the mouse are all integrated within the machine. This way it saves on additional space, which would otherwise be occupied by a control stand or working table. The ""Touchscreen Package"" will upgrade the EPE foam board Cutting equipment to an even more comfortable display that will react to your finger pressure!

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