Dragon Heads-raising Day
PUBLISHED : 2019-03-08

Today is Dragon Heads-raising Day,Ancient called the Neutral Festival, commonly known as the dragon. Folklore, on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, is the day when the dragon king who is in charge of Yun Yu in the sky rises up. From then on, the rain will gradually increase. The so-called " Dragon Heads-raising" means that after hibernation, the hundred insects begin to wake up. Therefore, as the saying goes, "February 2. The Dragon Heads-raising, and the scorpion and the snail are outcropping." Therefore, this day is also called "Looking at the Dragon Festival. In ancient times, "February 2" was also called "The Last Two Days." The folk spring book in China is also known as the "Spring Harvest Festival" in ancient times. It is said that if this husband has not yet woken up, the thunderous thunder will come to call it.

Dragon Heads-raising Day