Curtain Fabric Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-26
Curtain fabric cutting machine – the advantages of cutting curtain fabric:
The traditional roller blind processing is very simple, only a glass table, an iron ruler and a utility knife are needed. In 2000, the owners of most small roller blind factories were produced in this way.

The main point of the processing of the roller blind fabric – the cut fabric must be square, so the fabric processing is generally cut in half and then cut, a fabric only needs to be cut twice. The standard method of processing is to cut the height first:
(1) Open the rolled fabric along the glass table top.
(2) fold the fabric in half,
(3) Measure the height of 1/2 in the two measuring irons of the fabric, and make a mark.
(4) Align the two marks with a long ruler,

(5) The utility knife is cut.

Curtain Fabric