Corrugated cardboard cutter machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-24
First Part:
1. Machine body: welded by 6-8mm thickness steel square tube, stabilized under high
temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.
2. Gantry: welded steel sqaure tube of thick wall.
3. Side arm: steel board and thickness up to 20-25mm.
4. Table: 3mm thick wall aluminium T-slot working table with strong bending strength and loading
capacity covered with PVC protecting the cutters from damage.
Second Part:
1. Guide Rail: X Y Z axes adopt Taiwan Hiwin square rail. Square guide rail-- its load capacity
and the ability to maintain the accuracy is more 30 times than round rails, ensuring high-quality
and high-speed.
2. Ball screw: Z axis adopts TBI 1610 ball screw. High precision.
3. Rack and pinion: X Y axes using helical rack and pinion, cross-sectional area is 25*25mm and material is steel.High speed and good stability.
Third Part:
1. Spindle: 3KW water cooled per spindle, low noise, vigirous cutting strength, can be used
for engraving and cutting on plane board's surface.
2. Motor: Brand name in China, high-speed stepper water-cooling, variable frequency motor,
big torque, strong cutting, high frequency.
3. Inveter: Fuling inverter made in China. High quality and low back repair rate. Warranty 2 years.
Fourth Part:
1. Control system: NC-Studio control system with USB connection, supporting both cylinder and plane workpiece engraving.Operated with the handle makes the operation easier and has
theadvantage of good stability.

2. Software: excellent compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software eg. Artcut/Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Ucancam etc.

Corrugated cardboard cutter machine