CNC Leather Cutter Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-26
Leather cutting and technical textiles are markets that rely heavily on optimizing their material utilization. Leather die cutting can have less upfront costs, however, die cuts are expensive and have to be stored. Leather die cuts also don’t have a long life and the process is difficult and time consuming when you are wanting to make a design change. Transitioning into a CNC leather cutter machine can be intimidating at first but the benefits are immediate. Many manufacturers wonder why they hadn’t switched to CNC leather cutter machine sooner.

You will immediately notice yield improvements when switching to an automated leather cutter. The cnc leather cutter machine will give you a competitive advantage by giving you a quicker time to market as well as the flexibility to cut a variety of materials.  
Comparing laser, The best part of CNC leather cutter machine is that it is extremely versatile. It will work on just about any material—from light papers and foams to acrylics and aluminum composite materials—and will perform most functions that any sign and display shop would ever need. This includes not only milling and routing,  cutting, partial cutting, cut also V-cutting, creasing. Because CNC leather cutter machine is with kiss cutting knife, electric oscillating knife, tangential knife, creasing wheel, even V- notch cutter and pen.

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