CNC cutting machine with convey or system
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-30
AOL CNC cutting machine with convey or system is cutting honeycomb board easily. And the oscillating knife cutting machine can also cut different thickness of the materials. Whether it is half cut, full cut, or indentation, our oscillating knife cnc cutter machine can be solved.
The 1625 cnc oscillating knife cutter machine for honeycomb board has unique laser positioning, precise drawing, digital trimming. And the cnc digital oscillating knife cutting machine has also other advantages, such as:
1. high speed, high efficiency, when you need to cutting a 500x500x500mm carton, the oscillating knife cutter cnc only needs 80 seconds. Instead of the traditional manual design and proofing, shortening the development time, automatic typesetting, line drawing, drawing, pleating, indentation, punching.

2. high-tech and high frequency vibration knife tool to achieve the perfect cutting technology and so on.

CNC cutting machine with convey or system