Clothing And Garment Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-27
Advantages of AOL clothing and garment cutting machine:
1. Clothing and garment cutting machine control software supports a variety of data formats: you can directly receive commonly used clothing design, typesetting software;

2. Unique algorithm and motion control technology realize the seamless connection between the straight line and arc, and the cutting precision is high;

3. The equipment adopts automatic sharpening technology, and the grinding time can be designed according to the characteristics of the fabric, which effectively extends the service life of the cutting knife;

4. a high degree of automation, simple operation.

5. new high-efficiency energy-saving pump design to reduce equipment noise. In the same performance situation, reduce power and save energy.

6. intelligent cutting cutter control software effectively improves the cutting quality from top to bottom.

7. high cutting accuracy, self -design of automatic sharp pen cutter, high quality of cutter makes life longer

8. no need print out, save the typesetting, with high repeated utilization, plate-making management is convenient

9. easy to change the spare the spare part, and lower cost

10. Clothing and garment cutting machine nice automation,easy to operate.

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