Cloth Pattern Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-06-27
Computerized cutting systems are achieving more widespread use as technology costs decrease and labor costs rise. AOL cloth pattern cutting machine one of the most commonly used cutting systems. This technology has the advantage of being highly accurate and fast, but does cost considerably more than other cutting techniques.

Knitted and woven fabric, plushed toys & dolls, shoes inner layers, sofa, pvc, pu leather, no-woven fabric, medical gauze, car automobile interior decorative fabric.

Table cloth cutting
After sale service: 1 year after sale free service

1. We will offer some of the parts for free in the first year. The buyer needs to pay for the shipping cost for the parts. The user needs to send us pictures of the broken one, then we will send out the part they need.

2. In the first year, if the buyer needs our engineers to come to the local to fix some problems of the machine that they cannot fix by themselves; we will send our engineers for free. The buyer needs to pay the flights, housing and meals for the engineers in the local.

3. We will offer our service through email and phones if the buyer needs any help on technical problems.

Cloth pattern Cutting machine