Car Seat Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-05
Car seat cutting machine make sample and do small production, Meet the indivial needs of people. Make process of cutting, creasing, make sample at one time in few minutes. Do not need die cutting mould for samll order.

Applications of car seat cutting machine
Can cut leather, PU, PVC, Oxford cloth, corrugated paper, KT board, leather, wire ring, composite material, sponge cloth, micro fiber, foot pad seat cover sofa cover leather leather clothing fabric Chevron board, thick foam , gray board paper, cardboard, car stickers, stickers, etc.

Product Highlights of car seat cutting machine
1. Designed with custom fit for all popular car models for precise protection
2. Trouble-free installation allows you to trim and install quickly for a contoured fit
3. Engineered to fit

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