Compare hand cutting and car interior mat cutting equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-03
It is specially used in cutting machine for car mats, cushions and seat covers. Because it uses a vibrating knife to cut, it is also known as the car mat vibration knife cutting machine. AOL car interior mat cutting equipment can process customized automobile cushions, seat covers and special car mats with stable performance, fast cutting speed and automatic features, which can meet the needs of personalized, special car-specific production.

Compare with hand cuttingm our car interior mat cutting equipment have below advantage:
1. Car mat Profit is decrease this year, use hand cutting need many operators, the labor cost is very expensive every month.
One car mat cutting machine can do the jobs of 10 operators, save much labor cost.

2. So many car model in the market, same to the car mat, it is hard to hand cutting so many different types car mat.
With our machine, you can cut any brand, any type car mat.

3. The car mat shapes is irregular, hand cut can not cut it precisely, not beautiful, need experienced operator to make production, it is hard to find the right operator.
Use our machine cut, can achieve precision of 0.1mm, cutting edge very smooth and beautiful.

4. Hand cutting will have many waste leftover material, can not control the production material.

But use machine cutting, you can layout in computer in advance, cut according the layout, can control the leftover material, save production cost.

car interior mat

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