Board cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-14
When most people think about cardboard boxes they think of moving boxes. But moving isn't the only thing that cardboard boxes are used for. Cardboard boxes have many uses, including but not limited to storing items, shipping items in mailing boxes, colorful cardboard mailing boxes can be used as gift packaging, bin cardboard boxes can be used for displaying items at your local grocery or hardware store, and all boxes can be used as items that your children can turn into armor, spaceships, castles and tunnels.
Over the years cardboard boxes have evolved. They used to be just plain brown boxes. Although you could get these boxes in various sizes and shapes, they were still plain, brown and unattractive. In recent years cardboard boxes are colorful and more attractive. Some boxes have shiny exteriors.
It's easy to find a constant, free supply of corrugated cardboard. Many stores, especially grocery stores, dispose of tons of it each year. Many of your purchases probably come in a corrugated cardboard box that you can save. Taking advantage of its availability not only saves you money, but it is kind to the planet to prevent it from ending up in a landfill. There are so many uses for corrugated cardboard, it pays to always keep some on hand.
But how to cut cardboard? My first instinct is to recommend a utility knife and straight edge, but I was asked about alternative time and effort-cutting methods. To be honest, I’m stumped here.
It was suggested that a rotary cutting blade can be used, but I thought this would be extremely inefficient. Plus, it would be damn near impossible to cut longer pieces straight enough.

I would think that an oscillating tool with a fine cutting blade might work, and AOL cardboard cutting machine would definitely work, although longer lines would again be difficult to cut straight.