Bed Sofa Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-26
Production Description of AOL-1625 Automatic bed sofa cutting machine:
The fully automatic bed sofa cutting machine is specially designed for large-format garment processing enterprises, sofa factories, soft bed factories, home textile factories, leather processing factories, automotive products manufacturing. This machine adopts a machine-level stable and solid working chassis to ensure the stability and accuracy during fast movement. The motion system adopts linear guide rail guide and high-precision rack drive to ensure machining accuracy. It adopts specially treated open-ended quality. The steel structure honeycomb working platform is easy to operate and never wears. The laser cutting system for industrial sites saves you time, cost and productivity.
Application Field:Fully automatic bed sofa cutting machine is specially used in furniture industry, fabric sofa industry, automobile industry, home textile and various textile personalized custom products.

Materials Applicable :Fabric sofas, textile fabrics, wedding fabrics, car seats and other non-metallic materials.