Bed Mattress Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-30
Bed mattress cutting machine is used for vertical cutting foam sheets into smaller size, trimming foam edge, and processing all kinds of EVA, EPE, packing materials, paper and other products.Semi-automatically, operate worktable by hand. Easy to operate,cutting precision.
Sponge, flexible PU, mattress, memory foam etc.
1. Free 2 Blades and tool box. 2D, 3D shape cutting machine, precision control at ±1mm
2.  CNC oscillating blade contour cutting machine with rotary working table, tablecuts on a horizontal axis, precise rotary table, complex shapes can be profiled simply and reliably all by a single operator.
3. The horizontal blade contour cutter provides revolutionary new ways of profiling foam with unprecedented flexibility, accuracy and easy to use. All profiling and slicing of a block can occur without it ever leaving the machine, resulting in levels of automation and efficiency.

4. Option: Movable worktable, fixed worktable, rotary worktable supply.

Bed Mattress